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Puerto Viejo, where we teach our Spanish courses, is the largest destination on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast!

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, once a small and quiet hamlet of fishermen, has now become one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. Located on the Caribbean coast, in the province of Limon, it is part of the “indomitable and rebel” Talamanca region and was the only territory that the Spanish didn’t manage to fully conquer.

It still maintains a very unique lifestyle. Its vibrant and thriving local culture combined with expats from all corners of the world make it a very special place. Latinos, Afro-Caribbeans, indigenous people, and a large number of foreigners share the same land and the same language. The area is incredibly rich in biodiversity, with beautiful beaches, exotic species of flora and fauna and an extensive mountain range. It is a unique biological corridor and the site of the most powerful wave in Costa Rica, the fantastic and feared “Salsa Brava”, challenging surfers from around the world. It is also the land of beaches with captivating beauty and quiet solitude, as well as the land of bananas and cacao, reggae and calypso.

Puerto Viejo is a multicultural tropical paradise, united by one language: Spanish!

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