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Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is on the Southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is a multicultural paradise that brings together more than 2000 people from different countries who communicate in just one language: Spanish.

Ñ Spanish Teachers is not your typical language school. It is a group of qualified, independent Spanish teachers who have come together to provide Spanish classes in your own Caribbean residence or at one of our special locations.

We combine academic study with interactive exercises to create an all-round learning experience. Our typical interactive speaking and listening lessons take you out of the classroom and into the streets where you will practice by asking locals for a new pair of flip flops or a new bathing suit for example.

If you’re looking for “Full Spanish Immersion”, we’d be pleased to offer you our “Homestay Program”, which gives you the chance to experience living with a local family. This is a life-changing opportunity not only to improve your Spanish, but also to explore Costa Rican culture.

Many people find learning Spanish in Puerto Viejo while also doing volunteer work an excellent combination. Our volunteering projects are: Wildlife Conservation, Organic Farming, and Social Work. Learn Spanish while enjoying adventure tours and sport activities! We offer a wide range of choices.

Whatever your interests, come and learn the second most spoken language in the world here in the Caribbean South of Costa Rica!


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